Wolf Brüning (Principal UX Designer at OTTO)

MOBX 2016 Speaker

MOBX 2016 Speaker Wolf Brüning
Wolf Brüning

Wolf Brüning (@wolfbruening) is Principal UX Designer at the User Experience Team of OTTO.de, Germany’s second largest e-commerce site. With his colleagues he is responsible for the experience design of the company’s self-developed e-commerce platform.

He is deeply interested in design patterns, responsive design and cross-functional collaboration. Wolf is also author and co-founder of the UX and product management blog produktbezogen.de.

MOBX 2016 topic

How to build great products – Product Discovery and Design Thinking at corporate scale.

Building the right product to solve a customer’s need is a complex feat in itself. Doing this for one of the countries largest ecommerce platforms in the middle of more than a dozen cross-functional product teams, tough stakeholders, demanding customers with thousands of different devices and a billion euro revenue doesn’t make it less complicated. Wolf shares his learnings of the last years working with principles, patterns and design thinking to discover products that deliver validated solutions for real customer problems.