Tanya Kraljic (UX Manager & Principal Designer at Nuance)

MOBX 2016 Speaker

Tanya Kraljic
Tanya Kraljic

Tanya Kraljic is a principal interaction and dialog designer for Nuance Communications, Inc. Her work focuses on the strategy and design of speech experiences in mobile, wearable, in-home, and other emerging technologies. Tanya has helped clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies navigate the space of natural language technology, conversational design, and predictive intelligence. Prior to joining Nuance, Tanya earned a PhD in psycholinguistics (the psychology of language use), where she first studied human-human interaction.

MOBX 2016 topic

The art and science of conversational interfaces

As natural language technology becomes increasingly pervasive – it is at the heart of artificial intelligence and cognitive systems, chatbots, IoT and the vision of Zero UI – the design of the conversational interface is more relevant than ever. How do we make these interactions successful? Useful? Engaging? How do we learn from previous conversations in order to improve future ones? Tanya Kraljic will talk about the state of the art and science behind conversational interfaces, how they are designed and built, where the field is going, and how we can help it get there.


Tanya Kraljic also offers a MOBX workshop on Thursday, September 8: Fundamentals of speech-enabling an application.