09.00 am Doors open, registration, breakfast.
09.45 am Welcome to MOBX 2016
10.00 am – 10.30 am Rafael Conde (Portugal),
How Being a Developer Makes Me a Better Designer.
Topics: diverse mobile devices landscape, avoiding surprises, modular design
10.30 am – 11.00 am Thorsten Jonas (Germany),
UX on the big Screen: How to create better apps for TV and Digital Signage Screens.
Topics: smart screen UX, big screen vs. mobile screen, multiscreen, apps for TV, guidelines
11.00 am – 11.30 am Break. Want some tea or coffee?
11.30 am – 12.00 am Dorit Mielke (Germany),
Xing iOS Design System.
Topics: mobile product development, UX Designer and Product Manager, centrally maintained system, prototype fast, best practices
12.00 am – 12.30 am Tanya Kraljic (USA),
The art and science of conversational interfaces.
Topics: conversational interface, cognitive systems, chatbots, IoT, Zero UI, state of the art and science
12.30 am – 02.00 pm Lunch Break. Networking. demo.
02.00 pm – 02.30 pm C. Todd Lombardo (USA),
WTF is a Product Roadmap?
Topics: art and science of product roadmaps, key steps, tools, real-life scenarios
02.30 pm – 03.00 pm Wolf Brüning (Germany),
How to build great products – Product Discovery and Design Thinking at corporate scale.
Topics: ecommerce, cross-functional product teams, learnings, patterns and design thinking
03.00 pm – 03.30 pm Break. Relax and network – oh, and there’s cake as well.
03.30 pm – 04.00 pm Paola Mariselli (USA),
Designing for the Next Billion People.
Topics: designing for the next billion, design process, emerging markets, products with empathy, quality
04.00 pm – 04.30 pm Martin Wezowski (Germany),
Designing for the exponential future.
Topics: designing the future, the ultimate design brief, digital relationship with customers, micro-service ecosystems, thinking in systems of change
04.30 pm – 05.00 pm Andreas Wegner (Germany),
Topics: UX Design insights
05.00 pm – 05.30 pm Break. Relax and network.
05.30 pm – 06.00 pm James Archer (USA),
Persuasive Design: Getting Users to Do What You Want.
Topics: design techniques, actions, user behavior, persuasion through design
06.00 pm – 06.30 pm Kim Goodwin (USA),
Design Principles as Levers for Change.
Topics: delivering great UX, overcoming hurdles, design principles, examples and guiding principles
06.30 pm Closing address
07.00 pm Dinner buffet and drinks.
08.00 pm Cinema: Movie time! 
Let’s watch a sci-fi movie together and see some Interface Design in action.
08.00 pm Lounge: Party time!
Clubbing. Dancing. Networking.
00.00 am That’s all, folks! Have a safe trip home and thank you all for coming.

For details and more info on our fantastic speakers and their great topics please have a look at the speakers page.