Rafael Conde (Lead Designer at Netlify)

MOBX 2016 Speaker

Rafael Conde
Rafael Conde

Rafa is a self taught designer with a Computer Science background, mostly known by its side projects like SketchCasts, Layout FM, and an Apple Featured game for the Apple Watch, Break this Safe. Currently living in Portugal, and working as the Lead Designer at Netlify.

MOBX 2016 topic

How Being a Developer Makes Me a Better Designer

A website is not a 1440 by 1024 pixel painting, mobile devices are getting more and more diverse, they’re all ever changing and evolving. Designing with technical limitations in mind, and being aware of them can help you be a more confident, assured designer, avoiding surprises and poor results after handing it over to the engineering team. Designing in modules, and knowing your target devices are very powerful tools for every software designer.