Martin Wezowski (Chief Designer User Experience, SAP)

MOBX 2016 Speaker

Martin Wezowski
Martin Wezowski

Martin Wezowski (@martinwezowski), SAP Chief Designer User Experience, is tasked with investigating the future of business software experience, building an experience-minded culture.

Previously, he was Director of the UX board at Huawei China, Shenzhen, leading Huawei design strategy. He was also Creative Director Sony-Ericsson, Sweden, leading design projects and contributing to design directions.

MOBX 2016 topic

Designing for the exponential future

Digitalization is exponential, it started yesterday and you are accountable for its design! We are designing the future, right now, as we speak, it changes peoples lives so it better be good. Martin is looking for the optimal, constant change as our ultimate design brief. Change is exponential. Distinct instances of change are the past. Constant change itself is the new platform and why we just don’t get it!

Reimagine the future of digitalization:

  • The cognitive era is changing how we interact not only with machines, but between humans
  • Deep impact on customer needs: You need a digital relationship with your customer, not a new software release. “If you are not personal – you are out!”
  • Crafting and facilitating for digital, flexible micro-service ecosystems is key to survive in ever-changing world.
  • What if machine intelligence could help educate our kids, make art, run our businesses better than we can? – and yes, it is already happening.
  • What If our core business parameters are irrelevant, for example: What is your business as an energy provider if energy is freely available?

What does it mean to design an experience in the near future? How are our roles changing, and who is then responsible for a great human experience? Martin Wezowski will look at the topic from his experience both in consumer products design and from the perspective of global leading giants like SAP. Because it is not enough to find an instance of change, we need to start thinking in systems of change to build the human, desirable, flexible experiences for the future.